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Welcome to Atherton

The most exclusive zip code in Silicon Valley
Atherton is an entirely residential area of Silicon Valley known for its world-class real estate. The mansions and homes in Atherton are a caliber seen in a few cities in the country and are home to some of Silicon Valley’s most successful professionals. Most have a great deal of land that elevates them from simply a house to a secluded estate for people who are looking to be able to step away from the outside world and into their own. Luxury amenities like infinity pools and multiple car garages are common elements.

What to Love

  • Highly exclusive area with world-class real estate 
  • Great schools
  • Centrally located for all Silicon Valley professional hubs
  • Very private and secluded

Local Lifestyle

The lifestyle of Atherton is for people who want luxury and comfort within their own estate. The residents of this area are often high-profile individuals who want seclusion. The neighborhood feels less like a classic suburb and more spread out. The properties do not often run into each other and maintain their individual seclusion with large land plots. This means the grand homes are often accompanied by a slice of the signature, splendid green land of the San Francisco Bay Area. Atherton is conveniently located for professionals who want an easy commute both to San Francisco and Palo Alto.

Dining, Entertainment & Shopping

Atherton’s dining is a match for its real estate. Selby’s has that charming refinement that Silicon Valley has perfected. Their art-filled dining room is as chic as it is cozy. The menu is a collection of equally artful classics like prime-cut steaks, wedge salads, and caviar service. The evening will feel even more luxurious with their martini cart that whips up perfectly chilled concoctions tableside.
For an earthier vibe, there is Oak + Violet in the Park James Hotel. On top of their traditional dining space, they have an artisan coffee bar for espresso drinks and breakfast treats. Dinner is a vegetable-heavy menu of refreshing dishes like Strawberry Salad and Roast Chicken.
If you love the fresh vibe, there is also Flea Street that takes farm-to-table to an upscale perfection. They only use locally sourced ingredients with an ethos of sustainability. Meat lovers and vegetarians will have an equally delicious experience. Their cocktail menu is a unique selection that includes non-alcoholic beers and teas grown in their garden.
While Atherton is a residential area, it is near the more bustling pockets of Silicon Valley in Palo Alto and Menlo Park. There is no shortage of shopping or entertainment options, such as the Stanford Shopping Center.

Things to Do

Atherton has an array of activities that are unique to the area. The Menlo Circus Club is an excellent example of a family club that strays outside of the lines of golf or tennis. While the club does have tennis courts and a fitness center, it also capitalizes on the gorgeous green fields of the area with a world-class equestrian center. Polo players and professional equestrians can use the brand-new facilities to train, play, or take lessons. Menlo Circus is a luxurious place for families to gather for everyday fun.
Children can explore their talents and interests at the Menlo Atherton Performing Arts Center, located in the Menlo Atherton High School. This newly built, professional-grade venue with modern architecture and 500 seats hosts workshops, performances, and productions.


Atherton is served by four school districts, including Redwood City Elementary School District and Sequoia Union High School District.
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